wetbench_35 - Extractionator

Pour mes collègues français, remplacer "donuts" par "croissants" - quoique, depuis que je travaille en France, j'ai trouvé que ce n'est pas coutume pour les représentants de servir des trucs à bouffer.

D: Good morning and thank you for your attention. Today, I will present to you Wetbench Inc.'s latest innovation in lab automation technology.
(A: What, no donuts???)
D: Please allow me to introduce the Extractionator XP-2PQ(TM)!
A, B and C: Oooooh!...
D: The Extractionator is our all-in-one solution to your DNA, RNA and protein extraction needs, your PCR needs and much more!
A: Can it serve coffee?
C: ...Or fresh beer?


wetbench_34 - Chocolate Synthetase

Ah, si seulement je codais pour une Chocolate Synthetase endogène!
Joyeuse Pâques et attention de ne pas abuser du chocolat!

Don't you think that the Easter bunny is a freak of nature? It overexpresses a little known (unfortunately) exotic enzyme, the Chocolate Synthetase, and it's a mammal that lays eggs!
Happy egg-hunting!